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Festivals & Holiday in Vietnam

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There are some national holidays in a year

1. January 1: New Year’s Day

2. February 3: Anniversary of 1930 founding of Communist Party

3. April 30: Sai Gon Liberation Day

4. May 1: International Labour Day 

5. May 19: Anniversary of the birth of Ho Chi Minh

6. September 2: National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

7. Lunar New Year: Vietnam Traditional New Year

Traditional Tet in a year:

- Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year): is the biggest festival to take place every year in Vietnam. It is also the occasion for people in every house hold the light incense to remembrance of their late relatives and during the Tet, people wish each other health and happiness

- Tet Khai Ha on the 7th day of the first month. It heralds the coming of spring. This is a sign of bumper harvest and prosperity

- Tet Nguyen Tieu on the 15th of the first month. Devout Buddhists are keen on celebrating at Buddhist Shrines. It is also called the anniversary of Buddha’s death

- Tet Han Thuc (Cold Food) on the 3rd of the third month. People make offering of banh troi and banh chay (rice flour doughnuts stuffed with bean paste or plumps of brown sugar)

- Tet Thanh Minh (Serene Sky) falls on the 3rd of the third month. It is an occasion for people to visit and tidy the burial mounds of relatives

- New Year of Kh’mer in Mekong Delta on the 2nd of the fourth month)

- Buddha’s Birthday on the 8th of the fourth month

- Tet Doan Ngo on the 5th of the fifth month. Everybody gets up early, bathing, and eating fruits, sticky rice wine

- Tet Vu Lan on the 15th of the seventh month. This day is considered to forgive the lost souls, to fulfill filial duty and to remember the dead. Shoes and dresses made of paper along with votive paper were burned in every household

- Tet Trung Thu (Mid Autumn) on the 15th of the Eighth month. It is joyful occasion for the children to have several activities as singing, dancing, parading with lantern

- Kate Tet of Cham people on the 29th of the eighth month

- Tet Ha Nguyen (new Rice Festival) on the first day of the tenth month

- Lantern Festival celebrated by Khmerin the Southwest of Vietnam in honor of the moon, on the 15th of the tenth month

- Tet Tao Quan (Household Gods Festival) on the 23rd of the twelfth month. It ended a year of working, festival and heralds the coming of Tet Nguyen Dan.