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Essential Information

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A/ Fast tract:
* Capital: Ha Noi
* Language: Other than native Vietnamese, the most widely spoken foreign languages are English, French, Chinese and Russian
* Time: GMT+7
* Currency: Dong ( 1$ equivalent to VND 21,000)
* International dialing code for Vietnam: ++84  
* Power: 220V, 50Hz
* Your embassy in Vietnam/Laos/ Cambodia
* International Airport: Ha Noi, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang airport are the airports where have international flight in and out

B/ Visa: Most of travellers come to Vietnam reqiured visa and visas to Vietnam can be easily obtained in the traveler’s country or on arrival. You must indicate your entry and exit dates and travel agent also can help you with any advice you many need

C/ Health ( Insurance ) & Safety: Most of good hospitals and clinics with doctors who can speak English are based in the two biggest cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. It is very difficult to see the doctor in rural or remote areas in Viet Nam.  Pharmacies can be found in every big city or small town but pharmacists can not speak foreign language, you must write down the name of the medicine what you want to buy and check the medicines carefully before leaving. It is not easy to change or return if the wrong medicines. Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis should be checked before traveling. As well as malaria, which is a problem in some rural areas, dengue fever afflicts parts of Vietnam; as much as possibly, cover up and use insect repellent, particularly in the evenings. 

Emergency contact for your health and safety can be reached at 113 ( Safety)/ 115 ( Health) and the list of hospitals and clinic if you need to find ( chèn đường link của phần Customer care)

D/ Food & Drink: It is said that food in Vietnam is not only literally a way of life  but also a form of sustenance. Breakfast is often light  and simple from 7:00-8:00 and lunch/dinner is the big meals of the day. The restaurants are open late till 10:00 but you must book in advance. Most of Fastfood restaurants and cafeteria open till midnight and no need to book in advance. Vietnamese traditional and International food/ restaurants are available for your choice  ( chèn danh sách nhà hàng). Coffee and tea are popular drink in Vietnam. You can see many café stores on every conor of the street, even vendor café. Others drinks ( like whisky, cokes, wine, …) are always in  stores and restaurants.

E/ Accomodation: You have many choices of your accomodation (cài đường link về khách sạn). Most of the hotels of good quality and luxury are concentrated in the big cities. Homestay service is preferred in the mountainous and remote areas. You should book your accomodations in advance, especilly in peak seasons. If not, you are introduced by drivers at the airport sometimes and the hotels are not so good as your want or the roomrate is much higher. You should book with either hotel directly or travel agencies. The travel agencies will give many options which are adapted to you budget and quality

F/ Transportation: All means of transportation for your trip are available in Vietnam. Moving about in from the North, South or Center by air (Vietnam Airlines, Jestar Airlines….) or by train ( Reunification Express Train). Air travel is reasonably priced and tickets can be purchased easily from travel agencies or airline offices (cài đường link về vận chuyển). Train travel can be slower than airlines but quite a leisurely way to see the S country with reasonably priced . For the short distances between the destinations of the north, south or center, you can hire the car or private vehicle with driver. By motorbikes are hired in the most of tourism cities but you must possess an International Driver’s Permit and sometimes. Biking is a leisurely way to travel the country with cheapnes and saving cost.