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Named after the late President Ho Chi Minh after the nation was reunified in 1975, this city is the locomotive of national development. Its 300-year history is dwarfed by the more stately 1000 years of the capital Hanoi, but this youthfulness perhaps is manifest in the fact that the city seems perennially on the fast track. Busy and noisy both day and night, Ho Chi Minh City nevertheless still shows why it was once known as The Pearl of the Orient

Thung Nham in Ninh Binh is also known under the name Thung Chim, it is the home of thousands kinds of bird. While Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong are the destinations which have become familiar, Thung Nham is still a relatively unfamiliar name for visitors coming to Ninh Binh. However, if you love the natural beauty of two lyrical landscapes ever for the “Ha Long Bay on land” of the ancient capital, inevitably, the poetic beauty of Thung Nham will not disappoint you.
"Ionah" is a variety show in Hanoi
Female solo traveling is a chance to reconnect with ones inner self, to discover hidden abilities that only surface in the midst of the unfamiliar, and to push personal limits further. A solo travel escapade in Asia could be a woman’s first stop continent. Its colorful mix of culture and history enriches a woman’s quest for that indescribable liberty. From its colorful culture and breathtaking temples to its luscious cuisines, Asia surely has a cornucopia of treats to offer to female solo travelers.
The Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department Tuesday launched a boat tour of the Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe Canal in and around the downtown area.
Vietnam Railways yesterday announced that they would implement an online rail ticket selling system from September 1
Longing to travel with just a bag and her wits, Sharon Kelly joined the gap yah types in Cambodia and Vietnam, aged 54… and had a ball
The classical ballet Swan Lake will be staged in Ha Noi on August 1 with 3D animated graphics
The WorldPost's "Through Your Lens" series brings you stunning photos taken by social media users in a different country around the world every week. This week, we explore the striking geography and local cultures of Vietnam.
Hue is the capital of Thừa ThiHuế Province in the central part of Vietnam. The city had been the imperial capital of Vietnam for almost 150 years and it had a significant impact on its culture, architecture, cuisine local customs and people’s everyday life even till nowadays. Want to see a royal greatness of old Vietnam? Welcome to Hue!