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Named after the late President Ho Chi Minh after the nation was reunified in 1975, this city is the locomotive of national development. Its 300-year history is dwarfed by the more stately 1000 years of the capital Hanoi, but this youthfulness perhaps is manifest in the fact that the city seems perennially on the fast track. Busy and noisy both day and night, Ho Chi Minh City nevertheless still shows why it was once known as The Pearl of the Orient

Despite being a quick 45-minute turboprop flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Con Son is a world away from Vietnam’s well-beaten tourist trail, with inexplicably few Western travellers.
LUALA Concert 2015:
 15 Nov – 13 Dec 2015
Every Sunday afternoon: 3 – 5 pm
 61 Ly Thai To, Hanoi
Best Day on Earth,” a new book from UK travel publisher Rough Guides, has listed the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences and among the top are Vietnamese street food and Hoi An’s full-moon festival.
2 Vietnamese airports listed among Asia’s best airports
If you are looking for a destination off the beaten track in Vietnam, this can be a very good suggestion.
On 26 September 2015, in Ha Noi, Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism will hold a grand meeting in response to World Tourism Day 2015 under the theme “One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities” with the technical support of the Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development (ESRT) Program funded by the European Union (EU-ESRT Project

Nearly 500 Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian government officials, business executives and tourism experts will take part in an international workshop in Phan Thiet city this week.

Participants will analyse and evaluate the possibility and potential of linking tourism products offered along Viet Nam's central coastal, south-eastern, and Central Highlands regions with those in the southern Laos and north-western Cambodia.

The workshop on September 11-12 will also seek initiatives, opinions and measures for promoting such linkages.

The world, as we all know, is a big place - alive with wonderful, well-known attractions.
And plenty that are far more invisible to popular perception. For every New York there is a canyon in a corner of Colorado which barely raises a flicker of recognition outside the state. For every crowded marketplace in Marrakech there is a mountain-framed mosque far from the beaten track in rural Morocco. For every Tokyo skyline, there is a Japanese island awash with art, utterly aloof to the noise of the capital.
The number of international tourists to Vietnam bounced back in July with 593,566 arrivals, up 12.1 percent over the previous month and 5.1 percent against the same period last year.

During the first seven months of 2015, Vietnam welcomed nearly 4.4 million overseas visitors, a yearly decline of 9.4 percent, according to the General Statistics Office.