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The crew behind Hollywood’s upcoming King Kong monster movie franchise is wrapping up in Australia and expects to move to Vietnam next month for the final stage of filming.
Housed in an elegant turn of the 20th century French villa with a shady yard, manzi is one of Hanoi’s coolest watering holes infused with a heavy dose of art. Through art exhibitions, talks, workshops, book introductions, movie screenings, music and dance performances, manzi's mission is to promote contemporary arts, build new audiences, inspire critical thinking and nurture a culture of debate
“An com chua?”
 If you’re going to understand Vietnam and the Vietnamese, this three-word phrase is key. A friendly greeting exchanged throughout the day, it poses a seemingly mundane question: “Have you eaten yet?” (The polite answer, even if you have, is “Why, no—let’s eat!”)
The thousands years history and the cultural climate in Vietnam is more vibrant, exciting and promising than ever. Traditional music and theater are strongly promoted through cultural festivals held all around the country.  Although the nation’s rich artistic heritage draws international audiences, major cities also offer night clubs and bars. With its many contrasts and contradictions, Vietnam offers a heady mix of entertainment options to all