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Cheo or Vietnamese Popular Opera: Cheo is a stage performance originating from the north countryside. Cheo includes dances, music and popular stories. The word Cheo means “lyrics of folk ballad, proverb”. The optimism of cheo is expressed by wise, witty, and intellecture laughter. 
Cat Ba, Do Son, and Trang Kenh are attractive tourist destinations on the weekend in the northern port city of Hai Phong.
In the vicinity of Hoi An and Danang we have My Son sanctuary (Mỹ Sơn). It is the remains of an ancient imperial of the Kingdom of Champa city that flourished during the centuries 4th to the 13th, these archaeological remains, the most important of the Cham civilization, they have been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
A brief explaination about Vietnamese Culture, Art, Music and dance
The thousands years history and the cultural climate in Vietnam is more vibrant, exciting and promising than ever. Traditional music and theater are strongly promoted through cultural festivals held all around the country.  Although the nation’s rich artistic heritage draws international audiences, major cities also offer night clubs and bars. With its many contrasts and contradictions, Vietnam offers a heady mix of entertainment options to all