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Named after the late President Ho Chi Minh after the nation was reunified in 1975, this city is the locomotive of national development. Its 300-year history is dwarfed by the more stately 1000 years of the capital Hanoi, but this youthfulness perhaps is manifest in the fact that the city seems perennially on the fast track. Busy and noisy both day and night, Ho Chi Minh City nevertheless still shows why it was once known as The Pearl of the Orient

Despite being a quick 45-minute turboprop flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Con Son is a world away from Vietnam’s well-beaten tourist trail, with inexplicably few Western travellers.
A day in the lunar calendar traditionally known as the day of the ‘God of Wealth’ in Vietnam is when people normally rush to buy gold in search of good fortune. However this year many have observed the tradition even before the day itself.
Recently, The Telegraph ,UK listed Hanoi is one of the world's best cities for food
Rooftops bar and restaurants are part of the Asian landscape and offer some unforgettable experience for travellers and locals alike. We selected these 10 must-visit rooftops, where we guess you will enjoy taking a photo souvenir from the top of these fascinating places, or just chill at the top of the city, away from the busy streets. These places should be part of your South East Asian itinerary and will give you a great insight on local lifestyle experiences.
A list of most popular local foods that should not be missed in Hanoi, take a look and find out what are they..
Why Southeast Asia Is The Perfect Spot To Digital Detox
If the flocks of postgrad travelers in elephant print pants haven't told you already, Southeast Asia is having what we like to call "a moment."
Now to get back to Luang Prabang (after a New York time out), one of my new favorite places on Earth. If you are interested in, or planning on, traveling to Southeast Asia, you MUST put Luang Prabang on your destination list (and plan on spending at least three days there, if not a week)!

Spend a day visiting some of Luang Prabang’s 32 shimmering temples, most notably Vat Vixoun, Vat Xieng Thong (pictured below), and Vat Sene.
Coffee culture is huge here in Vietnam. In the mornings, old men gather to chat over coffee and cigarettes. In the afternoons, office workers squat on tiny sidewalk stools for their afternoon pick-me-up. In the evenings, many cafes function as bars, blasting loud music or offering karaoke. Unlike back home, this is neither a quick energy boosting pit stop nor a place to stare into a laptop. People (mostly men) come here to chat and linger for hours.
Laos’s beautiful personalities, incredible sights and unique, laid-back nature can all be enjoyed in just a week.